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Levels and Classes

This is a guideline of our levels and what each class will work on during the term.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Babies - Parents in the water



Water familiarisation

Games and songs to encourage hand eye co-ordination

Teaching water safety


Preschool with parents in the water



Water confidence

Games, songs to encourage hand eye coordination

Social interaction with other children



Water Confidence





Floating Hatchings




Float on the front and back aided and unaided

Rotation from front to back without standing



Tiny Turtles flippers

Float on front and back

Glide in a streamline position for 5 seconds or more

Breath control for 5 seconds or more

Kick in streamline position on front and back

Rolling from front to back without standing

Sitting dives


Tiny turtles Stroke

Float on front and Back

Glide in streamline position

Kick in streamline position with long legs

Big arm circles 4-6

Kick on back

Rolling from front to back

Sitting dives


Yearlings B.B.

Gliding in streamline position with breath hold of more than 6 seconds

Kicking in streamline position

X4 big arms

Kick on back

Sitting diving

Dolphin kick

Learning freestyle breathing to the side

Safe Diving


Sea Turtles Br

Gliding in streamline position

Kick on back with arm strokes

Dolphin kick

Learning freestyle breathing, extending to down the pool

Safe Diving

Breaststroke kick



Snapping turtles

Freestyle breathing for 4 length or more


Basic breaststroke arms and legs

Basic dolphin kick and arms

Safe Diving




Freestyle for 100 meters (10 lengths of our pool)

Backstroke 100 meters (10 lengths of our pool)

Breaststroke with breathing

Butterfly with breathing

Safe Diving

Basic tumble turns

Timed swims



Competent at all 4 strokes

Freestyle 1 length timed

Freestyle 5 length timed

Freestyle for 50 lengths of our pool

Backstroke 1 length timed

Breaststroke 1 length timed

Butterfly 1 length timed

Tumble turns

Safe Dives



Beginners and intermediate swimmers or adults after some stroke correction.


Private lessons 1:1 or 1:2 lessons 


These can be arranged at any time, please contact me at turtleswimschool@gmail.com and we can arrange a time and day suitable to you.